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Donatachi speaks pure, blurry eyed sincerity into the rave. They take the molten core of proto trance and give it a heartfelt, glittering new edge: packing it up in an acrylic Ken doll box, with a beautifully designed gloss, and turning the familiar into something ecstatic, comforting and new.

In the last few years they’ve moved skilfully and playfully across the most enlightened forms of fast paced music, toying with bubblegum and jungle in equal measure. As producer, dj and pop girl, their work has courted attention from Ashnikko, Slayyyter, that kid and Rina Sawayama, becoming a figurehead of hyperreal, impossibly fun electronic music. Their approach is crushingly heartfelt. Their singular style has connected quickly with audiences and established them as a link between Australia and forward thinking scenes abroad - a sentiment that has been absent in the country for many years.

The songs recall all that is tokenistic about the recent past, with an appreciation for bubblegum sounds which is basically unheard of in our self serious landscape. More reconstructive than deconstructive, they have a knack for identifying what could be better, faster and fuller within the detritus of dance pop’s automated history. Donatachi embodies a forward shift into the territory being explored by similar producers - the auteur as diva, fan, and architect, not just background noise.

The world they build finds digital parallels between safety and intensity - recalling chrome paint on a sportiva, a character selection screen, plastic sneakers so new they squeak when they move, DDR backing tracks, lip gloss spilling on latex, hyaluronic acid, and jet set radio future. To listen to Donatachi is to evade suffering and to be ridiculously in love.


Fade Away (ft. BESTIES)

Format: Digital Single
Released: 21 Sept 2022

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Format: Digital Album
Released: 20 Apr 2022

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Format: Digital Single
Released: 01 Oct 2021

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