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Introducing Eliott: the 21-year old songwriter and singer whose gut-wrenching lyrics and arresting vocals will leave you enamored. Her debut EP on Island Records Australia, cements her status as one of Australia’s most exciting and talented new artists. Dealing primarily with the inner turmoil of growing up, the record is filled with achingly beautiful songs that deal candidly with what it’s like trying to find your place in the world. Eliott’s astonishing R’n’B-tinged vocals act as each song’s emotive centrepiece, with each inflection acutely capturing feelings of heartache, longing and restlessness.

Eliott first cut her teeth at singing and songwriting while growing up in the small town of Cobram, Victoria. At four-years-old, she was singing, and at fourteen, she was penning her first original songs on guitar. But it wasn’t until Eliott found herself at a crossroads that her music really started to take shape. At eighteen, she was studying performance in Melbourne, but felt unmotivated and unsure of herself.

“Figure It Out” the first single off the EP, was written about this moment of unease, and wanting to have the confidence to make a change. The lyrics deal frankly with her desire to move out of a creative and emotional rut. “I keep thinking/ about leaving/ being bold enough to take the train up north” she sings.

In 2016, when she was nineteen, she packed her bags and moved to the Blue Mountains. Here, Eliott was finally ready to focus on her craft, and songs just poured out of her - much of her debut EP  was written during her stay.

The film clip for “Over and Over” the second single off the EP, was filmed in the Blue Mountains, and shows Eliott and a boy wandering aimlessly around sleepy suburbs and bucolic surrounds. The song, she says, is about a “reliable kind of love”. Likewise “Figure It Out” was filmed in her hometown of Cobram, capturing touching moments between Eliott and her friends.

The majority of the record is characterised by muted pianos and synths, so it’s a welcome surprise when the album ends on jazzy guitar number “Photographs”. The song captures the feeling of when you’re taken back into a memory or experience, and you sort of relive it.

It’s a fitting note to end on - her EP feels very much like a reflective record, with Eliott looking back, and taking stock on what and who is important in her life. And through this excavation, the EP feels like an act of deliverance, allowing Eliott to move on and look ahead into the future, hopeful of what’s to come next.

Find A Way

Format:  Digital Single
Released: 24 Jul 2019

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Shaking My Hips

Format: Digital Single
Released: 08 March 2019

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