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The classically trained singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Will Wiesenfeld firs emerged as Baths in 2009. Merging the glitchy, punishing gloom of L.A.’s beat scene with sunnier melodies and a gorgeous falsetto, Baths’ perfect pop became an instant sensation. I was as experimental as it was comforting, a warm blanket made from the rarest linens. Publications like Pitchfork heaped praise on his debut album, 2010’s Cerulean, which codified the sound; Obsidian (2013) chronicled Wiesenfeld’s recovery from a ghastly illness, and received even more raves. While his bittersweet opus, 2017’s Romaplasm, explored the emotional crevices often ignored

in polite company or at stilted cocktail parties -- cementing his place in the firmament of approachable but masterful pop songwriters.

On "Wistful (Fata Morgana)"
For the better part of a decade, Baths' elegiac dance floor anthems have embodied F. Scott Fitzgerald's adage about how first rate minds are those that can hold two opposing ideas in their head at the same time. His latest "Wistful (Fata Morgana)” masters this propulsive duality, balancing strobe light-ready BPMS with emotional pathos. It's the sort of song a celestial deity would want play at the club after a crushing breakup. The mysterious nexus between lonelines and euphoria.

If the best pop music (and art) contains contradictions, the singer, songwriter and multi- instrumentalist born Will Wiesenfeld has mastered the art of combining profound sadness with

sweaty catharsis. With his seraphic voice, he meditates on "cloudy harbor vapor," a breeze
forlornly running fingers through your hair, and the melancholy of having empt conversations with the wind. His loved one is "still out on a boat somewhere," inevitably fated to never return. The only solace is the melody, the beat, and the song itself

Wistful (Fata Morgana)

Format: Digital Single
Released: 14 Nov 2019

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